Pubblicata il 02 Agosto 2023 la Decisione di esecuzione (UE) 2023/1586 della Commissione del 26 luglio 2023 (GU L 194/45 del 02.08.2023) relativa alle norme armonizzate per le macchine redatte a sostegno della direttiva 2006/42/CE del Parlamento europeo e del Consiglio.

Disponibile l’elenco consolidato norme armonizzate 02 Agosto 2023 pdf/web.

Il Testo consolidato è in accordo con le nuove disposizioni della Commissione che prevedono la pubblicazione di Decisioni di esecuzione EC (vedi Norme armonizzate: nuova procedura di comunicazione Com (2018) 764 EC).

Di seguito un elenco delle nuove norme armonizzate di particolare interesse.

EN 528:2021+A1:2022

Rail dependent storage and retrieval equipment – Safety requirements for S/R machines

EN 619:2022

Continuous handling equipment and systems – Safety requirements for equipment for mechanical handling of unit loads

EN 620:2021

Continuous handling equipment and systems – Safety requirements for fixed belt conveyors for bulk materials

EN 746-3:2021

Industrial thermoprocessing equipment – Part 3: Safety requirements for the generation and use of atmosphere gases

EN 1034-4:2021

Safety of machinery – Safety requirements for the design and construction of paper making and finishing machines – Part 4: Pulpers and their loading facilities

EN ISO 3691-6:2021

Industrial trucks – Safety requirements and verification – Part 6: Burden and personnel carriers (ISO 3691-6:2021)

EN 12331:2021

Food processing machinery – Mincing machines – Safety and hygiene requirements

EN 12418:2021

Masonry and stone cutting-off machines for job site – Safety

EN 13001-3-5:2016+A1:2021

Cranes – General design – Part 3-5: Limit states and proof of competence of forged and cast hooks

EN 15163-1:2022

Machines and installations for the exploitation and processing of natural stone – Safety – Part 1: Requirements for

stationary diamond wire saws

EN ISO 19085-2:2021

Woodworking machines – Safety – Part 2: Horizontal beam panel circular sawing machines (ISO 19085-2:2021)

EN ISO 19085-3:2021

Woodworking machines – Safety – Part 3: Numerically controlled (NC/CNC) boring and routing machines (ISO 19085-3:2021)

EN ISO 19085-14:2021

Woodworking machines – Safety – Part 14: Four-sided moulding machines (ISO 19085-14:2021)

EN ISO 19085-15:2021

Woodworking machines – Safety – Part 15: Presses (ISO 19085-15:2021)

EN ISO 19085-16:2021

Woodworking machines – Safety – Part 16: Table band saws and band re-saws (ISO 19085-16:2021)

EN ISO 19085-17:2021

Woodworking machines – Safety – Part 17: Edge banding machines fed by chains (ISO 19085-17:2021)

EN ISO 22291:2022

Safety requirements for wetlaidnonwoven machinery (ISO 22291:2022)

EN 17281:2021

Safety requirements – Vehicle cleaning Equipment

EN 17348:2022

Requirements for design and testing of vacuum cleaners for use in potentially explosive atmospheres

EN ISO 23062:2022

Foundry machinery – Safety requirements for molding and coremaking machinery and associated equipment (ISO 23062:2022)

EN ISO 28881:2022

Machine tools – Safety – Electrical discharge machines (ISO 28881:2022)


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